Summer Wedding Ideas


There is nothing truly like a summer wedding.  Bides have such a variety of options when it comes to their wedding location, style of dress and wedding decoration choices. Whatever they choose, they usually have the added benefit of great weather to further enhance the experience of the day. The summer season allows for many […]

Plan A Unique Wedding

Photo Credits: David Ball

When planning a wedding, it is important to make decisions based on what you and your partner want.  This might be a large traditional wedding with the flowing gown and veil.  If this is not for you, there are a lot of other options for you to choose from. Photo Credits: David Ball Consider locations […]

More Great Wedding Favors

Flip Flop Wedding Favors

Common wedding favors don’t typically stand out as unique or particularly useful to their recipients.  They are your typical engraved beer bug or silver money clip.    Wedding favors are often thought of as souvenirs that the guests will look at and remember your big day for years to come.  The trick to leaving a lasting […]

Memorable Wedding Favors for Your Guests

Wedding Bubbles Shaped Like Champagne Bottles

Providing wedding favors for your guests is an important part of the wedding experience and should not be overlooked.  These favors are seen as a “thank you” to the guest for coming to the wedding and bringing you a gift.  Couples have a great opportunity here to make an impression on their guests by giving […]

Simple Ideas For Creative Wedding Cakes


Just as destinations and themes of weddings have changed over the years, so have the choices that couples are making for the desserts that they choose for their wedding.  More couples are forgoing the cake tasting ritual and dreaming up alternate ways to provide a unique and delicious dessert to go with their special day.  […]

Great Wedding Decorations On The Cheap!


Couples are exploring different options for weddings more and more these days.  However, many do not know where to start and are easily overwhelmed by the whole process.  Some think that only wedding consultants have creative ideas for unique weddings.  This is not the case.  The trick is to simply think like a weeding consultant.  […]

Cheap Wedding Centerpiece Ideas


Wedding centerpieces do not need to be made of flowers to “wow” your guests.  Jump out of the flower box and let’s consider some alternate centerpiece choices: Freeze frame – Construct a pleasing display of pictures of you and your partner and lots of family and friends.  Mix up the frame styles for an eclectic […]

Budget Reception Ideas

Beach Picnic

Couples are getting more and more creative when making choices for their weddings these days.  They no longer feel obligated to have the big extravagant and expensive wedding.  They are opting for less expensive and more fun alternatives. A fun way to save a bit of money on a reception is to go with a […]