Memorable Wedding Favors for Your Guests

Providing wedding favors for your guests is an important part of the wedding experience and should not be overlooked.  These favors are seen as a “thank you” to the guest for coming to the wedding and bringing you a gift.  Couples have a great opportunity here to make an impression on their guests by giving them creative and meaningful wedding favors at the reception.

Wedding Bubbles Shaped Like Champagne Bottles

There are those couples that still opt for the bottle of wedding bubbles or the sachet of dinner mints at the place setting of each guest.  But luckily, the trend is moving towards giving wedding favors that actually express the gratitude couples have that their guests attended their wedding and brought a gift.  These wedding favors do not need to be expensive, but it should be clear that there was some thought about why the decision was made to go with a certain choice of wedding favor.

If time allows, personalized gifts are always best.  Guests will be impressed with your thoughtfulness and always think of the event when they look at the item.

Wine Stopper Favors Are a Guest Favorite!

If this is not an option, opt for unique, useful items that might not cost a lot of money.  Mini-books wrapped in ribbon or decorative pens/pencils in a pretty display are just a few items that will stand out without breaking the bank.  Take a walk through the various bargain stores and keep an open mind.  Careful consideration must be given to creating a favor that looks like it cost more than it really did.

As couples get busier with the wedding plans, they may think that the wedding favor is a detail that they do not have to worry about.  This is a vey bad decision.  Guests expect to be appreciated for giving you their time and from buying you a gift.  It is amazing that a wedding favor leaves such a lasting impression for guests, but it does.

Do the extra work to provide quality and meaningful wedding favors for your guests.  They will be noticed and your will be judged for your choices.  Do not skimp unless you can creatively pull off an option that looks expensive but really isn’t.  Otherwise spend the money on wedding favors that your guests will actually care about rather than just an item that simply decorates the table.

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