Great Wedding Decorations On The Cheap!

Couples are exploring different options for weddings more and more these days.  However, many do not know where to start and are easily overwhelmed by the whole process.  Some think that only wedding consultants have creative ideas for unique weddings.  This is not the case.  The trick is to simply think like a weeding consultant.  You will be able to generate ideas for your wedding and same some money in the process.  The following ideas should spark your creativity:

Discount Wedding Favors

Think outside the box – Whenever your mind goes to the typical wedding decorations of balloons and flowers stop and consider a unique alternative.  Alternate choices might be fruits, candy or even teapots

Find bargains – Boy, the wedding shops see buyers coming!  They know that brides want traditional wedding items and that they will pay to get them.  Challenge the status quo!  Stay out of the wedding aisle.  Go with alternative wedding favors at your wedding. For example, instead of multicolored dinner mint, go with packs of retro candy options.  These can be much more reasonably prices and will be a conversation topic for your guests.

Add personality – When guests enter the wedding reception, it should be clear who is getting married.  The decoration theme should reflect the personalities of the couple.  This is an area to have a little fun.  If the couple enjoys a healthy lifestyle, you might have your guests wear tennis shoes to the reception.  If the couple enjoys books, have the table place cards helped up by tastefully decorated books.  Guests will be impressed with the creativity and remember the event for a long time to come.

Become influenced by nature – Natural elements at a wedding can add a unique flair.  Simply by adding a small goldfish bowl to each table can add a whimsical natural experience for your guests.  Other suggestions would be scented candles or centerpieces created with berries, twigs or pine cones.

These suggestions will help your wedding stand out from all of the others.  Impress your guests with your creativity!

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