History of Wedding Cakes


When you close your eyes and think of any wedding that you have attended over the years, you will surely picture the wedding cake. It sticks in the memory, whether it is a huge multi-tiered cake with elegant white icing or the latest crazes of cupcakes and cake pops. Chances are your stomach will be […]

Simple Ideas For Creative Wedding Cakes


Just as destinations and themes of weddings have changed over the years, so have the choices that couples are making for the desserts that they choose for their wedding.  More couples are forgoing the cake tasting ritual and dreaming up alternate ways to provide a unique and delicious dessert to go with their special day.  […]

Looking For A Creative Way To Propose?

Men sometimes get a bad rap.  There is so much pressure to find a perfect way to propose to the woman that they love.  Well, she is going to remember the moment for the rest of her life, right?  The problem is that all of her friends will ask her how you proposed which adds […]