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Chances are, you’ve been to a few weddings in your lifetime. I know I have! I’m sure that these were great ceremonies — a well-planned wedding, elegant, and probably sophisticated. But I’m also sure that they were an awful lot alike every other wedding you’ve ever attended! Think to yourself for a second…10 years from now, will this wedding stand out in your mind, or is it just going to be another ceremony? That’s right, most weddings that we’ve been to blend together. Almost every wedding is just a slight variation from the last one, and nothing special enough to call “memorable”.

Do you really want your special day to be just like every other wedding you’ve ever been to? You and your spouse are unique and special! You shouldn’t have to settle for the same wedding that all your friends and family are having.

Despite your wedding budget, you definitely deserve a unique wedding!

Your wedding is one of the most important days in your life. And I’m sure that you don’t want to celebrate it with a wedding ceremony that wasn’t custom-tailored to fit you and your special someone. Why would anyone want a wedding that 20 years from now will blend in with every other wedding? You don’t! You want to create a ceremony that is uniquely yours — and that’s why we’re here!

This fantastic Wedding ebook is overflowing with great new wedding planning ideas to help you plan a truly unique wedding, and truly special ceremony. Let’s take a look at just a few of the things that you’ll find inside.

  • Why traditional weddings are boring, and what you can do if you really want one.
  • How to plan a theme wedding for pennies on the dollar!
  • Ideas on how to celebrate your wedding in exotic locales.
  • Wedding inspiration from other countries, and their traditions.
  • Wedding receptions with surprise twists that leaves your guests amazed!
  • Unique Wedding planning ideas that will save you by not having to hire a wedding planner!

Amazing! There truly are a ton of ways to make your special day truly unique. The greatest part of all is that the ideas you’ll find in this ebook, as amazing as they are, are just the tip of the iceberg. Imagine the inspiration you’ll get by reading dozens of great unique wedding ideas, and how you can modify them to fit your style, personality, and budget.

I’m willing to bet that just reading that list has given you an idea or two. Imagine a whole wedding ebook full of powerful, unique, and affordable ideas that you can make your own. There is absolutely no reason to have a pre-fabricated wedding anymore. We’ve put our thinking caps on, and generated dozens of fantastic wedding planning ideas to make sure that your wedding is truly a day to remember, and doesn’t just blend into the background.

We’ve compiled all of these amazing ideas in one easy-to-follow Wedding Planning Guide that you can download instantly! That’s right, even if it’s 2am on Christmas Day, you’ll get your download immediately! Just imagine the possibilities that will be opened for you and your fiance with just a gentle nudge in the right direction.

We could go on about how great our guide is for days, but instead, we’ll let previous customers do the talking…

“I spent over $3,000 on a wedding planner for my wedding. Almost three years later, I found this wedding guide, just in time for my sisters wedding. Not only was I able to save her over $3,000 on a wedding planner, we also managed to save even more money by using the ideas in this fantastic guide. Her wedding was surreal, and we have your guide to thank for the money we saved!  Thank you!!!” – Jamie Alexander, Phoenix, AZ

“I kept telling my fiance that I didn’t want a traditional wedding, but sadly we didn’t know what kind of wedding we DID want. We bought your book after many stress-filled nights of wedding planning discussion. I’m happy to report that we used several of the ideas in your book (after modification) and had a wedding that was truly special. Our guests loved it. “ – Marie Schriedel, Baltimore, MD

I have to admit, there is nothing I enjoy more in life that these positive testimonials! It’s a great feeling knowing that you’ve saved people money, and produced unique wedding ideas that most people would have never thought of. In fact, not only is this guide full of ideas that will save you thousands of dollars, it is also going to save you from having to face the stress that comes along with planning a wedding when you are unprepared.

I’m going to offer my fantastic unique wedding guide to you at a price that is lower than it’s ever been before! In return, all I ask is that, after you read it, you send me great feedback about how you used the wedding guide, and how my ebook helped you save thousands of dollars for your wedding on budget.

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