Simple Ideas For Creative Wedding Cakes

Getting Creative w/ Wedding Sweets

Just as destinations and themes of weddings have changed over the years, so have the choices that couples are making for the desserts that they choose for their wedding.  More couples are forgoing the cake tasting ritual and dreaming up alternate ways to provide a unique and delicious dessert to go with their special day.  Some of the alternate desserts that people are exploring are as follows:

Cupcakes - Don’t think of your average tray of cupcakes that you see in the store here.  Displays of cupcakes can be quite elegant and the decoration possibilities are endless.

Twinkies and HoHos – You can really get the sense of humor or couples that choose this alternative.  But cake designers today can really impress with the striking designs that they create with these Hostess treats.

Cookies – Cookies are a very popular choice for dessert displays at weddings.  Couples learn that the sky is really the only limit with regard to decorating options and display options.  Some couples choose to have their cookies embellished with stylish monograms.  While others leave then plain but have them arranged in interesting configurations on tables.  Cookies are quite versatile.

Pie - An old picnic favorite, pie had really increased in popularity at weddings.  Many couples like to offer a variety of pie choices.  Others like to use a local favorite.

Candy - A way to visually “wow” your guests is to choose candy displays as a dessert alternative.  Your presentation can be a virtual “chocolate factory” experience for your guests.  This is a whimsical way to remind your guests of their carefree youth.  Displays can vary from intricate sugary structures on tables to colorful jars of candy available for guests to enjoy.  This is definitely a fun alternative to the traditional wedding cake.

Whichever dessert you choose for your wedding, it is important that it coincides with the theme and tone that you wedding with have.  It is fun to change it up and let your personality shine through with your choices.  Give your guests something to talk about!

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