Cheap Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

Wedding centerpieces do not need to be made of flowers to “wow” your guests.  Jump out of the flower box and let’s consider some alternate centerpiece choices:

Freeze frame – Construct a pleasing display of pictures of you and your partner and lots of family and friends.  Mix up the frame styles for an eclectic look and feel

Get color – Fill glass containers with fruits and veggies that match your wedding colors.  Resist the urge to use the common choices of apples, oranges, lemons and limes.  Step out and get bold by choosing papaya, mango, and coconut or depending on the wedding season, use autumn vegetables like artichoke, husked corn or squash.

Finding Nemo – A fun and whimsical element for your table can be a goldfish swimming in a shapely glass container.  Arrange for a different breed of fish to be at various tables.  Your guests can then walk around and check out each table.  For the sake of the fish, only put the in the containers just before the reception and do not keep them out there all night!

Natural elements – Bring the outdoors into your reception.  Organic items like leaves, stones, twigs and pine cones can express an earthy tone.  Use rustic boxes and mix these with fragrant pillar candles for added effect.
Book worm- Carefully chosen books that are stacked and used in displays can really send a message about the couple.  Academic types might choose leather bound books.  If having a winter wedding, you might choose classic Christmas stories.

Wine and roses – Instead of sing a typical floral vase, use empty wine bottles to house flowers.  You can also use a bottle to hold the pen that guests will use to sign your guest book.  There are other types of bottles that can be used to fit the theme of the wedding.  Get creative.

Let there be light – There are many options for arranging candles on a table top.  Using embellishments like gems, stones, flower petals or shells will create an interesting array when paired with a pretty flickering candle and a pleasing aroma.

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