Budget Reception Ideas

Couples are getting more and more creative when making choices for their weddings these days.  They no longer feel obligated to have the big extravagant and expensive wedding.  They are opting for less expensive and more fun alternatives.

A fun way to save a bit of money on a reception is to go with a casual picnic instead of the traditional sit down dinner.  The great part is that you still get together with all of your friends and family.  You just get to do it in a more fun and casual atmosphere.  Your guests can cress casually, enjoy picnic food, fun games and great conversation.  All the while, enjoying the great outdoors.

Another fun alternative to the traditional wedding reception is to plan the dinner around the same time as a local event.  These can be annual festivals or even sci-fi conventions.  This is a great way to lighten up the event.  Guests can dress in costumes and join in on the “theme” of the event.  The point is that the guests are actively participating in the event with the couple.

A final suggestion for a budget friendly and fun alternative to the traditional reception is going with an alternative music option.  Traditional wedding music can be boring.  Change it up with music that represents you and your spouse’s personality.  This might be opera, Celtic or even country!  Also, it is more exciting for guests when they can interact with members of a band.  For the same price of a DJ, you will be able to find a band that will interact with your guests and get the party rockin.

Just remember that the wedding reception should reflect the couple’s personalities and it doesn’t have to cost more to do this.

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