History of Wedding Cakes

The History of Wedding Cakes

When you close your eyes and think of any wedding that you have attended over the years, you will surely picture the wedding cake. It sticks in the memory, whether it is a huge multi-tiered cake with elegant white icing or the latest crazes of cupcakes and cake pops. Chances are your stomach will be rumbling when you think about it, but that is a good sign. It means that the cakes were a success, and that is what any wedding party would want. Wedding cakes have been a tradition as far back as 600BC, when bread was broken over the brides head as a symbol of good luck. Through the ages, there have been many cake traditions, and the Royals did it as good as anyone. Queen Victoria’s 1840 wedding cake came in at a whopping 300lbs and was three yards in circumference. It is doubtful we will see many like that at our wedding parties, but we can always dream!

Daley works with Fiona Cairns to make every wedding a success by having a superb cake as the centrepiece of the big day.

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